Migraine and Headache Medication

So, most of my life I’ve dealt with having painful and long lasting migraines and headaches. I have recently participated in a research study for migraines with CNS Healthcare. It lasted for 6 months. I made some money in the process. They had to draw my blood (which was the worst part), do other tests on me, and ask questions. The medication they prescribed me was Zolmitriptan which actually made me feel sick and didn’t take the pain away much. I decided to quit the study.

Zolmitriptan: 👎👎

The next month after quitting the study, I started taking classes for Real Estate and met a friend who also had really bad Migraines. She told me about Excedrin and how amazing it was. My mom and I went to Walmart that same day to Pick up the Excedrin PM Headache and the Excedrin Migraine pills. I’ve been using them for a month and I love them! The PM pills are my favorite because I have trouble sleeping and usually get migraines at night, so they help me sleep and take the pain away. They also take away pain from period cramps! Yayy!

I would love to know how many other people out there are dealing with migraines and what they like to use. please let me know! Thanks.
For information on Migraine Causes and Symptoms, click the link below!

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