Shooting For The First Time!

Ahhh! My experience at the shooting range was awesome! I have never shot a gun in my life, so at first I was pretty f’ing scared! So many different scenarios were going through my mind but I remained calm and tried to focus on my target. The instructor yells “Fire!” And everyone starts shooting! I paused a couple times because I was so nervous, but I did a pretty good job for my first time!

The shooting range was outside. Driving to this place was an definitely an adventure. We had to drive down this really rocky hill in a low car! So I bet you can imgine…. haha!!

First time ever holding and seeing bullets in person! 🀀

How’d I do!? πŸ˜„ and what do you think of my outfit!? I felt pretty cool with it. The hat is actually my friend’s. She brought a couple of them with her and I chose this Deadpool one! Matched my outfit pretty nicely. πŸ˜€

I am for sure going to go shooting again. I want to get more confident using a gun! Not saying I want to shoot anyone! Lol I really don’t, but I feel the need to protect myself because you never know. Also thinking about taking some self defense classes soon so I’ll let you guy’s know how that goes!

I was looking up some rose gold guns on google and ran into this one! So pretty! If I was to get one, I want one like this! 😍 It’s a mix of colors but I love That, and the design is beautiful!

Thanks for reading! ❀

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