Journal Series #1: I’m in New York City!

I arrived here in New York two day’s ago. I’m originally from Bronx NY so that’s where I’m staying. Took the train to Manhattan today and I’m enjoying my time here walking around and exploring.

I love all the shops and how everything is in walking distance! You don’t need a car here. You can take the train or bus to get to further places.

Yesterday I visited family in Upstate New york. It took an hour and 30 min. Pretty long drive back and forth but it was worth it. I met new family members and got to see others that I haven’t seen in year’s! It was a fun time sitting at the dinner table, catching up with everyone, laughing and eating!

As of right now, I’m sitting on a bench in Central Park, enjoying the light breeze and the amazing weather. It’s not too hot and not too cold. It’s great! I can’t wait to venture out some more!

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