The Disaster Artist: I’m Definitely a fan!


 I just recently went to the movies to see ‘The Distaster Artist’ starring James Franco. I just had to go see it because I knew it was going to be hilarious! 

  About 5 months ago, I watched ‘The Room’ with some friend’s and thought it was pretty strange but funny at the same time. I couldn’t stop watching it! I ran into so many YouTube video’s discussing how ‘The Room’ is the worst movies ever made! Awww how terrible lol but guess what?! Even though it’s the “Worst movie ever made” It still became a hit and many people enjoyed watching it and I’m guessing they still do! 😂
  Anyways, I definitely enjoyed watching ‘The Disaster Artist’ because I love James Franco! I think he did an amazing impression of Tommy Wiseau. I laughed so much so I’m happy I went to go see it!

  Just for fun, I decided to make a video of myself doing the “I did not hit her!” Reenactment Challenge! Check it out! 😂

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