My First Semester at Valencia College

I finished my first semester at Valencia College and now I’m free! Well, until I sign up for more classes and have to go back. Let me tell you how it went!

I signed up for classes at Valencia in January andwas so excited to start. My mom bought me a dark grey Adrienne Vittadini backpack, pens, notebooks, and an HP laptop so I could be fully prepared for college. I wanted the first day of school to hurry up and come. I was extremely impatient but of course the day came.

I had four classes in total which were Biology, Intermediate Algebra, English 1, and Speech. The two weeks that went by were super easy because they were preparing us gor the worse…lol but seriously. The amount of homework I had was ridiculous, especially for Biology and Algebra. I eventually got so frustrated and fed up with everything and started hating school so much! I cried so much.

I did push through, studied as much as I could, retook a test for Biology because I failed one of them but passed the ratake with a 90%! Did all of my online math homework, participated in speech class by speaking about interesting topics, and practiced on my writing skills for English. At the end of it all, I was pretty happy with my grades. I got all A’s and B’s. Hard work definitely does pay off.

What I loved most about my college experience is that I met a lot of new friend’s, and learned a lot about myself and that I’m so much smarter than I thought I was. What I hated most about my college is all the homework that was assigned, and the attitudes from some of my professors.

Now I’m thinking of if I want to go back or find a job somewhere, because I miss working. I guess we’ll see soon…

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