Nôlei Boutique: My Favorite Outfits

I am getting into fashion more and more! I’ve been so inspired by many brands on Social Media and Nôlei Boutique is one of them. Nora was so kind to let me come into the Downtown Divas Boutique in Orlando to try on some outfits from her Nôlei collection and take one home with me!

Here are some outfits from her collection:

Embroidered Deep V Red Dress:

This dress made me feel powerful and beautiful!❤

Cutout Nude Bodycon Dress:

I loved how this dress felt nice and snug on my body. It made me feel very put together.👌

Blush Pink Ruffle Sleep Wear:

So pretty, yet so comfy, and sexy!🌸

Comfy two piece Blush Pink Lounge Wear (The outfit I chose to take home:

I chose this outfit because I knew I would wear it more often. 😏

If you are interested in seeing more of the Nôlei collection, click the link below!


Thanks for reading! 💗💗💗💗💗

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