Surf Expo 2018

I am so excited that I was invited to attend the Surf Expo this year! At first I didn’t know what to expect but I ended up having a fantastic time.

I invited my amazing mother Sandy to come with me. She too enjoyed her time there and we talked to different vendors, learned about their products, and made new friend’s. Katrina Belle (A blogger friend of mine) also joined us as we ventured out through the expo.

Plaka Shoes

I am obsessed with these high quality rope sandals. They are so beautifully detailed and hand-woven! We met the owner and he’s such a great guy!

Plaka Shoes Instagram:

Plaka Shoes on Amazon:

Odd Sox

When we stopped by the Odd Sox booth, we had so much fun looking at all the different designs of socks they had. Odd Sox is a family owned business. We met the whole fam, and they were awesome!

These socks though! Need them all!

Odd Sox Instagram:

Odd Sox Website:

KC Malhan

This company has the most stylish handbags I’ve seen in a long time! My mom made friend’s with the owner and he is an amazing, and talented man!

KC Malhan Instagram:

KC Malhan Website:

Here’s a video to see cool stuff I got from the Surf Expo!

Thanks for reading and watching! 😁🏄‍♀️

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