Ever since I started blogging, I met other amazing bloggers that I sometimes go out with. We go to different events almost every weekend and it’s awesome!! Last weekend we attended the Fashion Insider event at The Mall at Millennia where we drank cotton candy flavored champagne, mingled with other Social Media Influencers, and got a drawing of us. I honestly do feel like the event could have been better if there was more people and food! *Shaking my head* EVERY paid event(It was $25) should have food. πŸ˜‘

we then went to the L’Occitane product launch at Disney Springs which was a lot more fun. There was a giveaway, desserts (not real food but better than nothing and it wasn’t a paid event). We mingled, had a cake swallowing contest, and drank some wine. I know I got a little tipsy which made it more fun. lol We then walked around Disney Spring’s and ended up going to STK. We got a big table for about 8 of us, took some photos, and ordered a three course meal which was pretty good, except for the main entre. The night was going great, until we got the bill! Everyone’s bill was almost up to $100!!! What?! Isn’t September supposed to be magical dining month. We were so unhappy about this. It should have been around $40 but they stiffed us. The manager did try to fix bring the price down but it wasn’t enough. Most likely never going there again!

So as you can tell, blogger life isn’t always perfect or free. We have our bad time’s and our good time’s with certain companies, but I always have so much fun with my blogger babes and appreciate my time with them! πŸ’•

Check out my latest video of how my weekend went!

Thanks for reading!


  1. It is so much fun to meet WP friends. I never thought that I would make such important connections, with such amazing people! Glad you had a good experience as well with your blogger friends.


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