Struggling With Gunky, Itchy Eyes! OMG!!


Ughhhhh!! Arrggg! Will this ever end?! lol Hi guys! So I’m up…of course. I need to go to bed, haven’t slept at all. Eeeeek! But will soon after this post.

So, I’ve been dealing with this problem for months now. I have been having the most itchy, irritated, and pus filled eyes EVERY SINGLE DAY. It makes me angry that nothing has helped. I’ve been to the doctors, and they say “It’s just allergies”. Ummmmm, ok? so now what? They don’t say much, just to get eyedrops. I’ve tried all typed of eyedrops, and the allergy one’s literally make my eyes BURN! Burn to the point that I start crying and rubbing them profusely! I do have horrible allergies, but they have gotten worse over the year’s ever since I moved into the house I live in now. I watched a YouTube video about one girl who has the same problem as I do. She went to a lady who uses special oil to heal eyes, one of them being Castor Oil, which I am trying out now. It does make my eyes feel better, but I have to constantly keep putting it on. Seriously though, it’s so gross! I even pull out strings of pus out of my eyes. 😥

Is anyone else dealing with this problem?

16 thoughts on “Struggling With Gunky, Itchy Eyes! OMG!!

  1. I have horrible allergies also. But I developed dry eye from staring at computer screens all day. If artificial tears don’t work, you may try going to an ophthalmologist. The doctors have a new device that detects dry eye. The doctors can look to see if the corneas are cracked. Hope you feel better. This time of year bothers me too.

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  2. It’s something I had about a year back. It’s a very annoying problem. At one point they even thought I might need glasses. But…in the end it just went away all by itself. It takes a while for that too happen though. Sorry I can’t make this any more positive 😢

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