A Very Short “Love” Story

Two year’s ago, I met someone who I thought was the love of my life. We went out, had an amazing time, and I had intense feelings for him. It was the most MAGICAL date I’ve ever been on. I was literally in heaven! Things moved too fast, I got uncomfortable/scared, and we stopped talking for months.

He ended up contacting me through FB Messenger, and tried to invite me out three seperate times. I rejected him even though I desperately wanted to see his gorgeous face in person again, but I didn’t like these intense emotions I had. It was very unlike me to feel this way about someone so quickly, so I felt like I had to push him away.

I later regretted my decision, and tried to talk to him again…he reciprocated. I thought thing’s would move to a good place, but they didn’t because, Sadly, I pushed him away again, and he also did the same. It felt like an emotional rollercoaster. So many games.

A couple months later, we ended up meeting once more, but never talked about what happened. We pretty much acted like everything was ok…but it wasn’t. We turned into nothing, and until now, I feel extreme sadness about it, and also like there’s unfinished business. He’s on my mind everyday, and I often have dreams about him. I try dating, but nothing feels as amazing as it did with him.

Sometimes I wish I never met him, because I hate that I couldn’t control my feelings, and also, my love life has turned upside down ever since. Other times, I’m happy I experienced this, because it was one of the best feelings in the world.

….lol I had to!

Thanks for reading! 😁

3 thoughts on “A Very Short “Love” Story

  1. Dear Lexy,

    The problem often occurs that we are unable to speak about our feelings. With an open mind and with honesty to oneself and others we are able to overcome this situation. This whole story is a sad story because real communication did not take place (also to speak about own feelings) – together you could both have handled the situation. So because of lack of information given and received – misunderstandings occur. Feelings and emotions are ok, but when they are not really shared, how can they be understood? However, this all is also a learning process. How often do we make the same mistake before we become aware that it was a mistake? – many times we fall in the same ditch, then a day comes that we have learnt our lessons…

    Thanks for sharing this story, dear friend. A sweet love that is not lived it always leaves traces of sadness…

    Have a great day, my friend

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  2. Thanks for visiting me today and leaving a like on my coffee share. Lexy, you probably are right to have followed you gut feelings regarding this “love” situation. Being extremely attracted to some “mysterious” adventure is hard to forget. I think many people have this kind of “regret” about first loves. I understand that this was not a first love, but it is similar in many ways. Long love is not generally begun in this way. Friendship begins long loves MHO.


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