My Experience With Shein Clothing + Valentine’s Day Special!

Hey everyone! So today I want to talk about my experience with Shein Clothing, and what I think about their items. I have been collaborating with them since July 2018! Since I have tried out so many clothes from them, I wanted to give my honest opinion, and show you photos of my favorite items!

Ready? πŸ™‚

I honestly LOVE Shein! They have so many options of clothing to choose from! From Swimwear to Formal wear, they literally have it all! They even have home decor, bedding sets, phone cases, etc!! (Which I want to try all those thing’s soon) It’s pretty exciting to me. 😏 I never have to leave my house to shop again! Muahahaha!!! 😈

So, let’s start with Swimwear!

I am in love with pretty much all the swimsuits they have. The one’s I am wearing fit so well, and I got a lot of compliments, especially on the red one piece, and the leopard one piece! By the way, I love one pieces, if you can’t already tell!

Search ID: 442611

Search ID: 485547

Search ID: 484225

Yellow Swimsuit ID Number: 643586
Colorful Swimsuit ID Number: 654466

Now onto Formal Wear!

These dresses caught my eye on the website! They are so glamorous, and I usually need dresses like these for fashion events I attend. Again, I get a lot of compliments. I’ve seen other companies have similar dresses, bit they are way too overpriced. Shein has them for an affordable price. They are definitely fair!

Dress Link:
Search ID: 597475

SHEIN Split Back Ruffle Trim Overlap Front Belted Dress

Search ID: 451685

Joyfunear Knot Front Ruched Wrap Satin Dress

Coupon Code: Q1LexyMonty15
Search ID: 656248

Now on to some other fashion items!

I feel like this next category is somewhat casual wear, and maybe even work wear. I love the tweed clothing! The material feels great, and is pretty high quality to me.

Search ID: 568824
Coupon Code: Q1LexyMonty15

Search ID: 408817

Search ID: 614655

Search ID: 626317

Coupon Code: Q1LexyMonty15

Search ID: 400230

I also made a video trying on some clothes if you would like to check that out! They are dresses that are perfect for Valentine’s day.

The SHEIN 4 lovecoupon code:SH4008
(Extra 15% OFF – valid until 2019.03.31) search ID 563861 search ID 454994 search ID 657448 search ID 635865

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