Breast Implant Illness

If you haven’t heard about Breast Implant Illness yet, read on! I feel this is a very important subject, especially if you have breast implants or know someone who does.

Thankfully, there are amazing women in this world who are not afraid to come out and share their story about how their breast implants made them extremely sick. I found out about this subject on YouTube. I was just scrolling through video’s and the title caught my eye because back in the day I thought about getting implants.

Looking back now, and thinking about all the women who have them or want them so bad, I think it’s ridiculous how we think it’s safe or normal to have those things in our bodies. They aren’t supposed to be in us! No wonder why it’s making women sick. It’s common sense that it’s going to cause some kind of issue.

I see breast implants very differently now. I feel scared for the women I know who just got them, and notice they don’t care about the damages they can do. I always try to change someone’s mind if they tell me They’re thinking about getting them.

I attached some links to some videos that I’ve watched. Take a look if your interested! Or send them to someone who has implants, and have been dealing with a sickness. The women in these video’s can definitely explain a lot more than I can! Go watch!!

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