How I Really Feel About Social Media

Social Media has been a big part of my life since I first joined Myspace. Connecting with friends, posting pictures, choosing a theme for my page, and a soundtrack people can listen to when they visit seemed intriguing.

Then boring Facebook came a long. Blah.(whatI thought as a teenager) Us kids referred to it as the social media for “Old People”. So, for a while I didn’t join Facebook until after all my friend’s started joining. It wasn’t my cup of tea and I missed the creativity Myspace provided that Facebook did not.

I also didn’t care too much for Twitter and still don’t honestly. Scrolling through Twitter never intrested me. Even though there are some hilarious posts…

Soon after, Instagram was born! I became obsessed because it was all about photos, and I’m a very visual person. I’ve always admired photography and photo editing, especially in high school since I took classes. I loved sharing about my life, but eventually thought to myself “It’s such a waste of time posting. All I get are likes and a few comments. How can I make money on Instagram?”. So I did my research. I ended up finding companies that sent me products and payment! I was ecstatic! But that was then, and now social media is saturated. Too much competition. Companies don’t want to pay anymore unless you have more than 50,000 followers. They also have plenty of people posting their products for free! No reason for them to pay anyone. Now I’m back to thinking it’s all a waste of time, even though I have fun taking photos, editing and posting.

Social media also makes many people feel insecure. I’ve felt bad before after seeing certain posts of girls looking like they should be on the cover of Vogue , or couples on a romantic getaway. Ugh. It can be frustrating to see those posts. Especially when you’re home bored, stuffing your face with Fish Food ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s and rewatching episodes of Charmed by yourself again. Actually, I like doing that stuff, but still…I now know that nothing is always as perfect as people make it seem to be.

When it comes to my real friend’s on social media (people I’ve actually met) . It can be really hurtful to see many of them go out and not invite me. I’m sure a lot of peeps go through this. I’ve even been guilty of not inviting people to some events. Usually because it was a last minute thing or I know to many people and forget. They still take it personal and I do too at times.

I view social media as a positive and negative thing. Sometimes I wish it never existed, and we can all live a life more simple, but other time’s I thank god it was created because I’ve learned so much online. Have a question? Just ask! There’s always someone to help in an instant. That’s definitely something I can appreciate about social media. It can be extremely helpful. Addicting, but helpful. Especially when it comes to YouTube. You can learn how to do pretty much anything! People are willing to share their knowledge with the world, and that’s amazing! I also can’t forget all the funny video’s and memes that keep us entertained. Hehe. Thanks social media!!

All photos are from Pinterest. 😁

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12 thoughts on “How I Really Feel About Social Media

  1. My FB account sits dormant in the online world collecting virtual dust. I haven’t used it since 2017 and don’t really miss it. Whenever I logged in, I would get a lot of anxiety which I definitely don’t need. Wastebook is a good term for FB. I usually refer to it as Fakebook.

    Also, if I rely on follower counts to validate my self-worth on IG and other social media sites, then there’s something pretty messed up about that. Forget #FOMO. #JOMO is where it’s at (joy of missing out). 🙌


  2. Hi Lexy, this was hilarious. Okay the n I would still be rolling on the ground laughing. I t made me smile repeatedly (especially the both sides of credit card remark). I purposefully do not do Facebook. I would be tempted to make too many “clever funny” both sides of credit card remarks. Clever funny in my own view anyway, but possibly only in my own view and thereby becoming an extreme irritation.


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