Mane Couturier Hair Extensions!

I’ve never had super long hair before and now I finally can because of Mane Couturier! They were so nice to send me a bundle of natural brown 24 inch hair Extensions! They are so fun and easy to use. You simply just clip them in. In the photo below, I have used all 10 pieces and I curled them with my curling iron. 

I’m so excited on my collaboration with Mane Couturier! Use my discount code (XOlulu) for 20% off a purchase of $100 or more 👌

See how long my hair is?! ✨

Btw my dress is from Forever 21 and shoes are from Charlotte Russe!

When the hair extensions first arrived, I washed them and while they were damp, I sprayed  sun In and used lemons to lighten the hair a bit so it can match my hair color. (I have recently used Sun In to lighten my hair) 

When it first arrived: so beautiful 😍

Using heat to lighten the hair:

Lightened a bit and straightened: (can’t really tell but it is lighter! Lol)

If you are looking for good quality hair that feels amazing, check out @themc_experience on Instagram

Also check out their website!

And Facebook:


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