Numerology: What’s Your Life Path Number?

I have recently learned about life path numbers and of course had to share with my readers because I can’t believe how accurate the information is when I found out what my life path number was and the meaning behind it.

First, let’s start with how to find out what your life path number is. I will use my birthdate as an example. I was born March 12th 1993.

How to calculate:

Birth Month is in March 0+3= 3

Birthday is on the 12th: 1+2= 3

Birth year is 1993: 1+9+9+3= 22

Add all the numbers up till you come up with a one digit number:

3+3+2+2= 10

1+0= 1

My life path number is 1

You can also use the life path calculator using the link below to make sure you added up your own numbers correctly. It’s much easier too, and they provide information about your personality based on your number! Check it out.

What’s also interesting about knowing your life path number is learning about what other life path numbers you are compatible with. It seems to be VERY accurate and I beleive it can help you choose the right partner or figure out how to make your relationships better.

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