My Trip to Key West With Family: Lobster Festival!

I recently got back from my mini vacation in Key West. The last time I visited was back in 2009. I was in a college program called ‘TRIO’, and we went to ‘The Keys’ on a bus full of kids. I had a great experience and wanted to go back ever since. I finally got to go, but this time with my family.

The house we stayed at was super cozy and adorable! I’ve always had a major soft spot for Victorian homes and dreamt of having one of my own in the future. As we drove around town in our electric blue Mustang convertible, we couldn’t stop obsessing over each house we passed by.

There was crowds of people walking up and down Duval St due to the Lobster Festival, which is why we were there. I love me some Lobster, and we had plenty of it!

I definitely plan to go back to Key West and attend another festival. The Fantasy Fest is one I’ve been interested in going to for a while. Maybe one day! 😁

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