The Best Colored Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always wished I had my mom’s beautiful olive green eyes, or my uncle’s Airforce blue eyes. Instead I was born with pretty dark brown eyes, which I can’t say I hate them, but they definitely don’t give me that wow factor like these models in magazines with their brightly colored eyes sparkling in the sunlight. Of course, we always want what we don’t have. So, I began looking into colored contact lenses to “enhance” my beauty. I decided to look at YouTube video’s and I discovered! I loved how well the contacts looked on the YouTubers, so I reached out to the company so I can try them out for myself.

Natural Colors Quartzo:

Hidrocor Topazio:

YouTube Video:

What I have learned is that it’s ok to try something new, and have fun with different looks from time to time. For me, I loved trying out these contact lenses to see how I felt with a different color. Now that I tried them, I can get over wishing for a different eye color, and appreciate my beautiful brown eyes. 🙂

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