My Instagram Page Intimidates Men

I swear I’m starting to think my Instagram is ruining my dating life! Lol. Not because of the kinds of pictures I post, but because the amount of attention and followers I have. To me it’s not so much of a large following because I’m used to it, and as an influencer, I need a lot more for companies to hire me, but when a guy I’m meeting for the first time sees my page, the first thing he says is ” Wow! You have a lot of followers!” And then thing’s change.

There’s time’s when I try to avoid giving guy’s my Instagram username because I don’t want them to think of me differently. In the end, they always find out my page since they have my phone number….ugh. what can I do though? Nothing.

The last guy I dated mentioned my page in a negative way. I can tell that it bothered him. “How did you get so many followers? Did you pay for them?” He would ask. Seems like he couldn’t handle it and it made him feel like he couldn’t match up to my lifestyle, which is ridiculous. I would never judge someone for the amount of followers they have or don’t have. In my opinion, It shouldn’t be important for the dating scene. It’s just work and entertainment in my eyes. That’s what I use it for. Also, I was never on my phone using Instagram while we together, nor do I go on when I’m on a date. So why does it bother them so?

Now I just feel that if a man get’s intimidated by my Instagram profile, he’s weak minded. I don’t want someone who looks at my page and think’s negatively, because there’s nothing negative about it. I post a lot of fun and exciting experiences that I go through. That’s how I want a guy to see me, as fun and exciting, and who will want to join in on the activities and events I attend. So, from now on, I will no longer hide my Instagram just so a man’s ego won’t go down. My Instagram username is now on my Bumble profile. 😁

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